We help research and corporate collaborations to solve their day to day problems and enhance efficiency. We have printed 3D models for surgeons in other universities.

Pals plush India (P) ltd is a multinational company at SRI CITY, TADA, ANDRA PRADESH. They manufacture and export toys to Europe and the western countries. I have been appointed as a consultant for Quality control department in keeping the microbial load at permissible level to meet the international standards during export. And also I have to deal with any queries raised by the international customers 

We train private practitioners in Microendodontics, Implant Planning and Placement. Every year we train over 8 Australian Dentists to learn planning and placement of dental implants.

Many Ph.D scholars from government and private universities use our Dental Research Cell and the Biomedical Research Unit and Lab Animal Centre (BRULAC) to complete their experiments.

Our faculty have been invited to design and guide in curriculum training in other universities. 

Our faculty conducted Training Programme in Implantology for Australian Dental Surgeons, Implant Placement Training for Indian Society for Dental Research also we had Equinox Dental Implants from Netherlands used for our implant cases.

Finally we also participate in many drug trials for Pharma Companies.

Over the past 4 years, our consultancy based incomes has steadily increased.

Cumulatively, we have earned over 40 Lakh Rupees through Consultancy services.