Our Achievements 

"Our greatest victories are won not over circumstances or other people but over ourselves"

                                                                                                                                  Doug Grady.

We have strived to this excellence with a lot of effort and are always vigil about we breaking it ourselves again and again. The thrush in us will keep us going.


Guinness Book of World Records 

Its a dream come true. The Guiness Book of World Record is a golden feather in our crown. It proved the oneness among the students and faculty towards a cause. Screening 1,00,000 people in 77 schools within a day is a task well planned, executed and achieved by Saveetha.


No 3: Private Dental College - Week 

The Week-Hansa Research Survey 2015 recently conducted the survey of Top Dental Colleges across India. The survey conducted by The Week, is based on perceptual data collection, factual information and ranking methodology, has eventually come out with a list of Top 15 Dental Colleges.  Saveetha has secured 3 best private institution in India and the best among all institutions in Tamil Nadu. It should be noted that we did not send any data to this survey and yet we have been ranked highly based on academic reputation.



No: 2 Dental College Pioneer 

India's Oldest English news Paper Pioneer  ranked Saveetha Dental Colleges as the 2nd best institute in the country. The ranking also awarded as the best Dental school in Tamil nadu. Its our innovative teaching, herd work and ever increasing aspiration to improve out students welfare that we have been able to achieve such high ranks from reputable agencies.