Associate Dean of Academics

"Develop a passion for learning, if you do you will never cease to grow"

Anthony J.D.Anjelo


Academics is the lifeline of Saveetha Dental College. We believe in constantly staying abreast with all the advances in teaching and learning methods so our students can benefit to the maximum. We also believe that the role of a teacher is more like a nurturer, whose goal is to provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning and equal opportunities for all students to help realize their true potential. The domains of our office include Student centered learning, Active Learning Methods, Use of current technology, Constant feedback for curriculum enhancement, Comprehensive Assessment and Lecture series. 


Student Centered Learning

The institution firmly believes that the students are it’sheart and soul andall aspects of curriculum are designedkeeping their utmost benefits in mind. The college has a student academic council which meets at frequent intervals and any suggestions providedto enhance their learning experience is addressed towith high priority and if necessary, forwarded to the Board of studies and Academic council of the University for modifications.


Constant feedback for curriculum enhancement

Constant feedback obtained from alumni and external examiners and visiting faculty. Based on this feedback relevant changes are made to the curriculum. This ensures that curriclum is up-to –date with current trends and needs of the society.


Active Learning Methods

At Saveetha Dental College, we implement active learning methods in our curriculum which includes the Multiple Interactive Learning Algorithm (MILATM). Various active learning methods such as Critical pedogogy, POGIL and SCALE –UP, JIGSAW,Flipped Classes Role Play, Game Based Learning. The office of the Dean of academics take sthe responsibility of scheduling and monitoring of classes based on MILA.


Use of current technology

 We take pride in calling ourselves an extremely tech-savvy bunch of teachers and incorporate a generous dose of technology in a day-to-day basis. (making ibooks, flipped classes etc)


Comprehensive assessment

We give more credits to the formative evaluation and not just the summative evaluation . This ensures the continuous learning and monitoring of the student throughout the academic year


Lecture series

“Greatest and Latest lecture series” is organised every week for the undergraduate students in our college. This series exposes our students current innovations in Basic science and Dental research. 

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