Associate Dean of Administration


Our mission is toprovide best resources for teaching and research. 

Maintenance and Supervision

We closely work with the biomedical engineers recruited from the Saveetha engineering college; all the equipment of the institution are monitored and duly attended by them in case of repair. This allows the students to have stress free working environment. We also encourage the engineers to come up with their innovations and ideas which are employed wherever possible.

Library Services

Around 382 text books worth around 16 lakhs have been newly attended to the library in this current academic year, our library has text books and reference books close to 6500, subscription to 1801 journals and 1630 student thesis to benefit the students.

Technology Upgradation

We are happy to announce that we are fully Wi-Fi campus with 310 Mbps internet connection; Ipads are given to the students for maintenance of case records and Electronic case sheets. Saveetha dental college is the only dental college in India to develop its own record management system. Students have the access to internet throughout the campus. SAP enterprise resource planning software was purchased during this financial year and all the accounts staff was trained to use the software. 

Infrastructure and Facilities

Total of more than 8 crore rupee has been spent during the current financial year on infrastructure and facilities. Nobel biocare implants worth 1 crore are bought every year for undergraduate and postgraduate implant training.