Our institution is the pioneer in the field of comprehensive clinical training for undergraduates. It started in the year 2012 and still doing strong. Associate Dean of Clinic came to existence just before the Comprehensine clinic was started. The benefit of this system has been well perceived by other academic institutions and hospitals alike.It gives training in specialized and upcoming type of treatment that will improve the clinical efficiency.
           In the previous undergraduate curriculum, clinical training was compartmentalized and the students were asked to perform the prescribed treatment on an already diagnosed patient. This lead to lack of confidence in the overall diagnosis and treatment planning. The comprehensive clinical training overcomes this problem, since each student is assigned a patient to diagnose, plan the treatment and execute the same. This gives overall confidence. This system also ensures the effective management of material and time as these are audited on a regular basis for each student. 


Record Management System

We have gone completely digital with our patients record, the Record Management System (RMS) provides data on the daily clinical work performed by the student, number of procedures performed in each speciality per clinic and the total clinical work performed by each comprehensive clinic. And it also give the data of number of procedure which facilities in training the students. All procedures are graded based on the clinical performance of the students. Any barriers to clinical work can be recognized form this pool of data and remedial measures can be taken to overcome the same.


Clinical Practice Guidelines

It is a systematic way of running the clinic were every clinical scenario has been given clinical guidelines which is on evidence based dentistry followed across all under graduate and post graduate clinics. So, there is a uniform protocol across the dental school.


Material Audit of Self Assessment

The materials are assigned to the students and periodic audit is done which is MASA, (Material Audit of Self Assessment). By this students learns to maintain their stock of dental materials and learn, when and how much to indent on need bases directly from the stores.This further improves the soft skills of the student which is an important factor for the overall success of the graduate. 


Graduate Review Board

Each and every student is required to go through the Graduate Review Board (GRB) wherein they prepare a collective academic, clinical and research work done during their training. All this data complied together to be made as a book which serves to be a valuable data to the students interested in pursuing Higher education or even job opportunities.



End of every academic year we have the INSIGNIA, which is the Award function to glorify the students and faculty on their clinical training . For every specialty there is an Master Award for maximum procedures done , maximum clinical training assisted and over all maximum procedures done by a clinics. This helps them to have a healthy competitive attitude and bring out their best as an individual and team work.


Round the Clock Service

Our clinics works 365 days a year. The clinics goes on rotation and work during the holidays who are given a compensatory off for the day. Sunday posted clinics are shut down the following Friday which helps us to do maintenance and other audit


Proper Protocols

All clinical protocols have been strictly followed to give the best working environment for the students and patients. Every patient is given all disposables and even high end  treatment are done at a nominal cost. This gives the patients a highly expensive treatment at very reasonable and affordable cost. Which they undergo with a smile.



No more waiting!

" Our patients are our customers " , we ensure that they get the best benefit no matter whatever system we follow. By this Comprehensine clinic system their waiting time is drastically reduced and number of appointment comes down as the patients get multiple treatment under one roof, on the same day, with Best care , where all speciality doctors together do the treatment plan and review them periodically too



Every patient is asked to give feedback of that days treatment as the leave the clinics. Any patient who are unsatisfied are address immediately and the needful is done.This facilitates a smooth and an efficient clinical practice. With all happy 😊 patients. The associate deans duty is to ensure all these criteria are looked after. 



Our students are passionate about three things, healthy and beautiful smiles, exceptional dentistry and excellent customer service.