Associate Dean of Students Affairs

 "The task of the modern education is not to cut down the jungle but to irrigate the dessert" 



Saveetha Dental College, values the relationship with the students beyond teaching since today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Of course, to understand them we need to live in their world. With this in mind, a dedicated office had been created to serve for their needs. Thus the Office of Associate Dean (Students) was born. 

Student’s Profile :

For better interaction, we need to understand them. The demographic details with the complete contact particulars help us to communicate them in an effective manner. These details are being periodically updated as and when, changes occurs. This gave rise to the student profile database.

Attendance particulars :

A student’s journey starts with attending the college regularly. The attendance plays a vital role. We periodically monitor the student’s attendance. Prevention is better than cure. We do communicate the students and parents, the attendance particulars periodically. This helps them to understand where they stand. 

We didn’t stop with that. If any adverse results occur, we try to get in to the roots of the problem, so that it didn’t stem out in future. We discuss with them the reason for their low performance. We lend a helping hand for the students to get hold and proceed. In the course of our journey, we understand the need for counseling and guidance. 

Counseling :

Counseling in institutions promotes the emotional and social growth of the individuals so that they can thrive in academics and succeed in life. It also helps teachers to engage students in need and supports administrators to lead struggling candidates.

Professional counselors trained in the respective field conduct counseling sessions for the slow learners or the students who did not perform up to the mark, not only in academics, but also in the view of social relationships with fellow students. They are assured that we are with them in the course of their study which motivates them consistently. 

    We follow an individual counseling session, which is a timed session where one student meets with a counselor regarding personal issues. Along with someone who will guide them through emotional issues, the students need a person to direct them through academic issues and prepare them for future careers. 

 The commonly encountered issues are as follows:

  1. Those who have come from different medium initially finds it difficult to cope up.
  2. Some candidates finds it difficult in planning the studies.
  3. Candidates finding difficulty due to acculturation. 
  4. Candidates experiencing secondary socialization issues. 
  5. Depression issues due to home sickness or any other reason.  

CREST (Continuous Reading Enhancement Session Per Term): 

    Identifying the mistake is not a great thing. Guiding them the appropriate way is the solution what every one of us needs. We didn’t stop by saying, “you didn’t perform well”, but go beyond that. We do show them the way how to correct it and make progress. 

Reading is a skill to be practiced by the way of habitual reading. The above chart expresses the benefits of reading. The students who did not perform well in the exams are identified, advised to undergo the reading enhancement session in the library after the college hours. 

The students reading hours are monitored by the librarian. This reading session help the students to improve in their academics. We witnessed the changes by the improved performance of the students.

Online division:


Education beyond the class room is now possible via the schoology, Learning Management System (LMS). It is now possible to have a discussion, announcements, academic updates, etc. It is a two way platform where the students can voice their comments, doubts, etc. 

The periodical updates on health, public health and dental public health news in the media are posted here and the comments from the students are invited. This makes possible to have a group discussion. The students themselves can also post dental articles, research, etc. 

News Letter

Issue is an online web publishing portal. Our institution’s monthly newsletter is uploaded in the portal thereby reaching the hands of people all over the world. The people can follow us and they will know whenever there is a new publishing article from ourside.  

Parent-Teacher meet :


In any educational institution, apart from the students Parents also invariably constitute the customer’s role, as students are dependant on parents during student life.

Parents should be well informed about every milestone or the career progress of the student during the course of the study. As a parent their anxiety, interest towards their ward’s future is worth every penny. We do understand their feelings and this gave birth to the Parent-teacher meeting. 

Although, these type of meetings are common in school settings, rare to find in a professional institution. One may argue that these meetings are not needed in a higher education side, but the involvement of parent in the well being of the student is un-debatable.

A growing body of research evidence suggests that family engagement matters for students success. It also improves readiness, students achievement and social skills. The innovative approaches in education leverages the students learning that leads to complementary learning systems enabling families as core partners in the learning process.

With this in mind, our institution holds the Parent Teacher Meet periodically. It paves way for tip sheets to administrators, educators and families with strategies honoring their shared responsibility in the context of education. 

We wish to stress that we don’t use this opportunity to criticism of the students but to help them in the areas where they can improve.


(Saveetha University – Students Welfare and Gender Awareness Training)

Off-late the relationship between the existing students and freshers are being discussed a lot. The friendly relationship at the beginning ensures evergreen memories for the new students during their entire course. Of course, a good start is a good way to live our life.

Our institution caters to a diverse student population. Besides its conducive academic environment, the institution has many opportunities for the promotion of overall development of students.

We were working on how to initiate this in a lively manner. By this way, “SU-SWAGAT” – Meaning ‘Welcome’ is born. It is organized every year. 

It not only focuses on students welfare but also focuses on issues like ‘gender equality’, a basic democratic concept. With all these in mind the programme is designed to address the student social relationships, which eventually raise them to responsible citizens of our country.

SU-SWAGAT Provides ample scope, opportunities and facilities for the holistic development of the students. The students are divided into several teams. Each team consists of equal representation from freshers and existing students of various academic years.

Before the commencement of the program activities the senior students took the following Oath whole-heartedly that they will behave friendly with the fresher’s.


The programme comprised of team building activities, leadership development skills, debates, group discussions, clay modeling, Tug of War and various games. Team building activities lead to the development of socialization and give an opportunity for each student to be familiar with one another. It also develops the habit of pardoning with fellow members in daily life. Open discussions lead to magnanimity among the group members. Group discussions help in the development of leadership skills and the art of listening.  

Gender Sensitivity Program:

Sexism exists in women as well as in men; it has no respect for individual aspirations, potential or abilities. In obvious and subtle ways, it influences the outcomes of a myriad of life situations the world over. The concept of gender sensitivity has been developed as a way to reduce barriers to personal and economic development created by sexism. Gender sensitivity helps to generate respect for the individual regardless of sex. 

Gender sensitivity is not about pitting women against men. On the contrary, education that is gender sensitive benefits members of both sexes. It helps them determine which assumptions in matters of gender are valid and which are stereotyped generalizations. Gender awareness requires not only intellectual effort but also sensitivity and open mindedness. It opens up the widest possible range of life options for both women and men. 

Students are encourages to speak on gender issues and educated on its applicability in daily life as well as in professional career. 

With all the above activities the program by means of holistic approach gives no space for ragging.