We offer many degree / certificate courses to suit the needs of our diverse industry. Scroll down to see details on your course of choice. 



Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is a 4 years of academics followed by 1 year of internship basic dental course required to practice dentistry across the world. The Curriculum is prescribed by the DCI however, at Saveetha we have enriched the curriculum with 9 additional subjects and extensive formative assessments for the holistic development of our students.  To see how BDS in Saveetha is unique click here

Admission Requirements and Fee Structure

  • Indian candidates should have passed Higher secondary school or equivalent in CBSE, ICSE or State Boards.
  • Foreign Candidates should have completed higher secondary school equivalent with courses in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They should also get a equivalence certificate from the AIU
  • Candidate should be qualified in NEET-UG 2017 (for all categories including NRI quota).
  • Tuition Fee for local students is 8,00,000 Indian rupees / annum.
  • NRI (Non Resident Indian / Foreigners) Tuition Fee is 15,000 USD / annum. 
  • Instruments and Kit fees of 4,00,000 indian rupees can be paid at the time of admission to procure all instruments for the entire course. Although this is optional, we recommend students to buy it through the institution because, the items will cost much much more when purchased individually. 

Admissions application forms will be posted online after NEET UG results are announced by the NBE. 


Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) is a DCI approved 3 year postgraduate course for speciality training in India. The course include didactic, clinical and research components required for academic tenure qualification to become a professor in Dentistry.  

SDC is proud to offer post graduation in all 9 subjects as listed below.

  • Oral Medicine And Radiology 3
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 7
  • Orthodontics 7
  • Oral and Maxillofacial pathology 5
  • Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics 8
  • Prosthodontics 6
  • Periodontics 3
  • Pedodontics 3
  • Public Health Dentistry 2

Admission Requirements and Fee Structure

  • Candidates who did their Undergraduate Dental education in India should have completed Internship by 31 March 2017.
  • Candidates who did their Undergraduate Dental education outside India should have special permission from DCI.
  •  All Candidates should be qualified in NEET - PG 2017  (for all categories including NRI quota).
  • Tuition Fee for MDS in different Specialities are as follows: 
    • Oral Pathology, Public Health Dentistry - 3,00,000 Indian Rupees / annum. 
    • Periodontics, Oral Medicine + Special Care Dentistry - 6,00,000 Indian Rupees / annum. 
    • Pedodontics, Prosthodontics  - 9,00,000 Indian rupees / annum. 
    • Oral Surgery, Endodontics - 12,00,000   Indian rupees / annum.  
  • (Prosthodontic graduates will need to buy BPS instruments (Rs. 3,50,000)  and Dental Implants (Rs. 2,00,000)
  • Oral Surgery and Periodontics post graduates will need to pay Rs. 1,50,000 towards implant training. 




Saveetha University also offers a 2 years Master Of Science Program in Implantology denoted as M.S. (Implantology). The program includes clinical training and research training similar to MDS. However, the clinical training period can be completed within 2 years.  For admissions  click here. 



Saveetha Dental College offers 1/2 year full time fellowship in various speciality courses for clinicians looking to hone their special skills.  Few programs are suitable for super speciality training.  For admissions  click here. 

Our FDS programs (along with their duration) suitable for undergraduates are listed as follows:

Special Care Dentistry (1 Year)

Implantology (1 Year)

Aesthetic Dentistry (1 Year)

Endodontics (1 year)

Surgical Periodontics (1 Year)

BPS Prosthodontics (1 year)

Fixed Prosthodontics (1 year)

Fixed Orthodontics (2 years)

Dental Anaesthesiology (1 year)

FDS programs (along with their duration) suitable for post graduates are listed as follows:

FDS Oral Oncology (1 year)

FDS Surgical Oncology (1 Year)

FDS Lingual Orthodontics (1 year)


Confederate Certificate

The institute also offers part time confederate certificate courses up to 1 year for private practitioners. These courses include:

Confederate in Dental Implantology.   click here  for course details

Confederate in Aesthetic Dentistry.   click here for course details. 


Dental Auxillaries

Dental Assistant

This is a one year certificate course. They assist the dentist in day to day practice and help in managing patient appointment,maintaining health records and sterilisation protocol and overall smooth running of the clinic.



Dental Hygienist

This is a one year diploma course. The students are trained to work along with a Dentist . They are trained to be a part of four handed dentistry. They will know to handle the materials, do oral prophylaxis and order of instrumentation.



Dental Lab Technician

This is a course of 2 years duration. Students start doing their clinical laboratory work from their first year itself after their initial training. There is an in-house commercial ceramic laboratory and CAD-CAM unit which makes their training par excellence. The volume of cases available is innumerable that there training goes incomparable.


Diploma in Dental Engineering

Diploma in Dental Engineering is a course which enables them to get trained mechanics of all the equipments used in dentistry. Dentistry involves lot of equipment right from the dental chair hence this enables the students to learn a lot on dental mechanics. With increasing number of practitioners  they have a lot of scope for dental engineers.