Saveetha Dental College is proud to announce Fellowship in Dental Surgery (FDS) programs in numerous specialities. These full time training programs focus on clinical skill training. All fellowship courses shall commence on March 01, 2017. Tuition fee for individual courses are explained under the respective heading. Apart from the tuition fee, a caution deposit of Rs. 5000 and an admission fee of Rs. 5000 has to be paid at the time of admission. For further detials

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FDS Endodontics

FDS (Endo) is a 1 year fulltime course created for BDS qualified practitioners interested in developing expertise in root canal therapy. During this course students will have an opportunity to perform around 300 root canal restorations, participate in journal discussions, complete advanced restorative cases and work with endodontic microscopes.

Eligibility: BDS.

Course Fee: Rs. 5,00,000/-


FDS Periodontics      

We offer a one-year full-time Fellowship in Periodontics and comprises of didactic and clinical sessions. The course aims to equip the general dentist with the knowledge  and skills required to diagnose periodontal diseases.The students will get training in open flap debridement, flap with osseous surgery, periodontal plastic surgery, LASER assisted periodontal surgery and implant placement.

Eligibility: BDS.

Course Fee: Rs. 3,50,000/-


FDS Implantology

FDS (Implantology) is a 1 year full time course that includes material costs for 30 implants for BDS / MDS qualified practitioners. Students in this course will place 30 implants, restore over 100 implants. They will also get numerous opportunities to perform advanced grafting procedures including direct sinus lift etc. The fee includes the implant materials worth Rs. 3,00,000.

Eligibility: BDS

Course Fee: 5,00,000/- 


FDS BPS Prosthodontics

BPS® or BioProsthetic system is a flagship denture fabrication technique trained by Ivoclar Vivadent®. Saveetha Dental College is the only academic training centre for BPS.  Students who join this 1 year full time fellowship program will treat and document 15 Complete dentures with the BPS materials.  They will also receive a kit worth 3,60,000 (articulator, facebow, materials) included in the course fee. Students can go to Switzerland and get certified as a BPS specialist that carries high value in many countries. 

Eligibility: BDS 

Course Fee: Rs. 6,00,000/-


FDS Prosthodontics

This is a 1 year full time fellowship program where students will be trained to perform 30 removable / fixed prosthesis, understand the concept of occlusion and complete 2 full mouth rehabilitation cases. Furthermore students will also be trained to work on the Cerec 3 CAD system for fabrication of all ceramic prosthesis. 

Eligibility: BDS

Course Fee: 4,00,000/-


FDS Aesthetic Dentistry

In this 1 year full time program students will perform hundreds procedures including laminate veneers, aesthetic restorations and smile design. We train our students GPS smile and Pro Smile softwares for advanced smile design. 

Eligibility: BDS

Course Fee: 4,00,000/-


FDS Orthodontics

This is a 2 year full-time orthodontics training program designed for BDS practitioners planning to perform orthodontic procedures. Students in this program will treat and document 10 patients with full fixed orthodontic braces. 

Eligibility: BDS. 

Course Fee: Rs. 6,00,000/- (3 lakhs per year)


FDS Surgical Oral Oncology

This is a postgraduate 1 year full time fellowship program in oral oncology. Only Oral surgeons with MDS qualification are eligible to participate in this program. The program offers opportunities to perform head and neck resection and advanced reconstructive microvascular procedures. 

Eligibility: MDS in Oral Surgery. 

Course Fee: Rs. 1,50,000/-


FDS Medical Oral Oncology

This is a 1 year part time fellowship offered to Qualified postgraduates in Oral medicine where they plan and provide chemotherapy for oral cancers patients. A team of  medical and surgical oncologists will guide the students who participate in this program. 

Eligibility: MDS in Oral Medicine

Course Fee: Rs. 1,50,000/-


FDS Special Care Dentistry

Saveetha Dental College is the first college in India to introduce the Department of Special Care Dentistry. We are doing this in collaboration with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, USA and the ABM University, Wales, UK.  This department has two sub-divisions; one for the holistic treatment of patients with infectious disease and the other for holistic management of patients with congenital diseases. Students who join this 1 year full time fellowship will receive training for medical and dental (RCT's to FPD's) management of medically compromised patients.

Eligibility: BDS

Course Fee: 3,00,000/-


FGDS (Fellowship in General Dentistry)

Saveetha Dental College also offers a fellowship in General Dental Surgery for BDS graduates who wish to hone their clinical skills before pursuing a private practice. In this program you will receive extensive clinical training in the comprehensive management of over 200 patients covering all disciplines in dentistry. Students will receive a unique comprehensive training in Fixed Orthodontics, RCT,  Implants and FPDs; all built into a single program !

Eligibility: BDS

Course Fee: 4,00,000/-

(Includes 5 implants, materials for fixed ortho, prostho and endo training)


FDS  Pedodontic and Preventive Dentistry


Fellowship  program in Pediatric Dentistry to enhance the expertise of graduates to treat children with dental needs and manage children with various medical and behavioural problems. The advanced infrastructure of the department not only offers the fellows a conducive environment to treat children in a comprehensive manner but also exposes them to hospital based dentistry. This one year course also provides an opportunity for students to attend case discussions, seminars and journal clubs .

Eligibility: BDS

Course Fee: 4,00,000/-

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