There are so many unique features that will make you feel privileged and proud. From our award winning teaching methods to unique patient care system there is so much of innovation packed in to Saveetha dental college that no video or website can do justice. We encourage your to visit the campus and take part in our tours to get a in-depth real life feels of the various processes that work like precision cogs in a timeless clock. To get a brief outline about the various unique features at Saveetha Dental College click the button below.

The major unique features that truly make Saveetha a Global Leader in Dental Education are: 

  1. iPad Hospital Information System. Saveetha Dental College is the only college in the world to go 100% paperless with iPads. These tablets offer the benefits of sterile workspaces (keyboard of computers are difficult to sterilise)  and dependable retrievable records (patients charts do not go missing). 
  2. Only college in India where students are taught in a Combo clinic system. Students lear to plan and treat patients in a single location like a private clinic. 
  3. We are the only college in India to teach our undergraduates to place 5 dental implants, 6 Fixed Partial Dentures, 6 Fixed Orthodontic Appliances, 40 Root canal Restorations and many more advanced dental procedures than many priavate parctitioner are them selves no comfortable with. 
  4. Even cell structure histopathology diagrams are illustrated with iPads. Our UG students are trained like postgraduates with running slides, exfoliative cytology and so on.  
  5. Small Group Teaching (Classes with less than 15 students. Each student gets personal attention). 
  6. Graduate Record Book (A stellar resume where students document over 2000 cases and many research papers. A fresh Saveetha graduate is equivalent to a private practitioner with over 5 years experience.  Students learn to convince patients, handle problem patients etc and become self reliant experts when they graduate). Students in many other institutions do less than 200 procedures and do not have the confidence necessary to start a career in dentistry. 
  7. MILA Teaching system where lecture classes are divided into 20 minute sessions with interactive activities. We believe in learning through the play way method 
  8. Smart Class Room. We have taken smart classrooms to the next level with Smart Projectors, iPads, Apple Tv, Touch on Cloud Shared white space notes taking app. It is hard to find a more modern classroom setup in our country. 
  9. Module based Teaching. We teach additional subjects in modules of 1-2 weeks. There workshop style classes are conducted in gala style rooms where multiple student teams and facilitators do group activity and learn the entire subject without even realising the burden. 
  10. We are one of the few institutions it eh country to follow OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination), OSPE (Objective Structured Practical Examination), CBD (Case based Discussion) and PBL (Problem based Learning) patterns for our exams. 
  11. We are the only institution in the country to have a extensive formative assessment and GPA system to better calibrated your performance. So any mishaps on the final day of your exam will not decide your fate. All though you will need to pass the DCI required exams, your overall performance is given more weightage (60%) than the final day of the exam performance (40%) in your GPA. 
  12. Our curriculum is designed with exclusive research and lab weeks to segregate and expedite co-curricular work. This is the reason for us to be able to publish more than 1000 articles in 2016