Saveetha Dental College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is one of the finest institutions in the world with a unique curriculum that is a spectacular fusion of the best practices of the east and west. It is our everlasting passion that has helped us train our students with unsurpassed skills in Clinical, Academic and Research domains.  We believe that our ultimate success would be to see our students become strong confident successful professionals. We focus on making the learning enviroments conducive for students to achieve their goals in life. 



Our AchiEvements

Our honest commitment to our vision and mission has brought in several accolades that has made us proud over the years. All these achievements were made possible by our ever hardworking staff and students who pulled through with endurance during difficult times. SDC proudly dedicates all her achievements to our faculty team who are an extended family of passionate teachers. 


2014 - Guinness World Record

Saveetha Dental College is the only dental institution in the world to enter the Guinness book of world record on 27th November 2014. We did a massive survey and screened over 1 lakh students in 77 schools across the country. This mammoth task was executed in collaboration with Times of India newspaper for a budget of 6 billion INR. Click here to view official Guinness World Records Website.


2015 - SDC secures NAAC 'A' Grade

SDC underwent a NAAC inspection and we cleared with stellar credits. The college along with the university has secured A grade that denotes Excellence in Education. Some of our major features that impressed the inspectors were small group learning, iBooks, Infrastructure and research labs. This is a proud achievement for us! 




Saveetha Dental College was Ranked as the No:1 Private Dental College in  by Pioneer, India's Oldest News paper. The Week-Hansa Research Survey 2015 recently conducted the survey of Top Dental Colleges across India. This survey published in The Week magazine, is based on peer perception. Saveetha was ranked the 3 best private institution in India and the best among all institutions in Tamil Nadu. It should be noted that we did not send any data to this survey and yet we have been ranked highly based on academic reputation. 



2016 was a brilliant year for saveetha dental college where we published 1032 publications, conducted numerous conferences, won numerous medals and achieved stellar results. Watch the video for a fast paced preview of everything we did in 2016 ! This Apple inspired video was edited in house by our students and faculty. It is a sample of our creativity. 


Its all about bringing out the best in you ...

Its all about bringing out the best in you ...

Its all about bringing out the best in you ...

Its all about bringing out the best in you ...

No Student Gets Left Behind Policy

Our unique curriculum is designed to create efficient professionals who can manage most clinical conditions with ease. Furthermore, students from Saveetha are placed first in most dental hospitals in India and the Middle east. We also have a career centre which facilitates career progression with various placements. We welcome students from all walks of life to maintain diversity within the campus. Our student services take tremendous efforts to  ensure that each student gets individualised attention and a customised learning plan to enhance the quality of our training.  From the first day of first year to the final day of graduation we have numerous programs to enhance student experience and bring out the best in them. 


No Ragging !!


It may be hard for any student to believe such a bold claim. But its been over 7 years since we had any disciplinary proceeding taken due to ragging. The reason is simple psychology. Ragging begins as a get to know sessions that goes out of control when the crown gets bigger and behaves like a mob. Before things escalate to such levels we create an environment that foster interdependence between seniors and juniors. The first 3 days of college is organised into icebreaker sessions SU SWAGAT (Saveetha University Student Welfare and Gender Awareness Training Program) wherein senior and junior students join together to form multi-year teams so that the feeling of hierarchy is lost. They are given team building exercises and are encouraged to express their fears and comfort each other so that the new environment is not intimidating. The sessions aim to improve confidence, eliminate misogyny, understand the fears of new students and help each other out because we are part of a civilised society. 


We Don't Just Teach Dentistry!

We also teach additional skills required for any young professional to survive in this competitive world. In the first 2 weeks students learn the basic of Biostatistics, Research Methodology, Evidence Based Dentistry, Digital tools in Dentistry (Photoshop, Movie making, Excel, Keynote and SPSS)  courses. Students are awarded 4 certificates. These programs will empower you to manage your research independently. On the contrary, students who do not undergo this module spend thousands to get 3rd party help to do basic tasks for research and presentation. During internship we provide guest lectures on getting loans from banks, 1-to-1 sessions with successful alumni dentists, personality experts and many more life skills.  We believe our responsibilities do not stop until we provide a good future for our students. All top corporate firms visit only SDC to recruit doctors for their hospitals. Students from Saveetha are paid around 2 times that of a regular graduate. 


Academics Is Not Everything

At Saveetha, many things apart from academics such as, speaking skills,  patient management, patient care, treatment efficiency, CDE programs, participation in co-curricular activities, cultural activities, philanthropy, compassions, social awareness, political awareness, all passions in life (from cooking to dancing) are given credits to encourage the development of  a holistic individual. Obviously it is not possible to master all the above-mentioned dimensions. But each of every talent of a student will not go unnoticed. As a student you will begin talking to Indian Dental Association (IDA) officials in your hometown within the first year !


We Will Make You A Master Of Words 

We follow the MILA system of teaching  wherein the class sessions are reduced to less than 20 minutes and upto an hour is spend on group learning with special focus on group expression skills. So everyday each student will need to articulate their thoughts to their peers. This practice over a long period of time will help you become an eleqoent public speaker. This will make you so confident that your own friends / family will be surprised by your transformation !