1. MDS Endodontics

3 year program; offers extensive clinical training with 1000 RCTs, 250 crowns, 15 research publications and 9 courses related subjects. Complementary microendodontics training with 16 microscopes (certified as the largest Zeiss centre in the world). Learn More

Course Fee: Rs. 15,00,000/ year

Stipend: Rs.25,000/ month


2. MDS Oral Surgery

This is a 3 year DCI approved program. The department of Oral Surgery has a strong legacy where we do over 400 major surgeries every year. Students are posted in the medical college where they manage the general surgery and plastic surgery wards. This gives them a unique opportunity to perform extra oral surgical techniques.  The department is the centre of the MFDS exams conducted by the Royal College UK. This is the only department in the country wth a exclusive radiotherapy unit that provides immense clinical exposure in managing oral cancer. Students will also be trained exclusively in the Cleft and Craniofacial centre during their PG program. Learn More

Course Fee: Rs. 15,00,000/year 

Stipend: Rs.25,000/ month

Inclusions (no additional charge): 16 Nobel Biocare / Straumann implants (2.5 lakhs).


3. MDS Orthodontics

In this DCI approved Masters program students will strap up and completed 100 full-arch fixed orthodontic cases. This level of clinical training cannot be seen in other institutions where students complete less than a dozen cases. Our focus is not to waste too much time on simplistic overanalyses rather than improve speed and efficacy in the skill of our outgoing graduates. Learn More

Course Fee: Rs. 15,00,000 / year

Stipend: Rs.25,000/ month


4. MDS Prosthodontics

This unique program is a fusion of curricular innovations. In 3 years students will perform 30 full mouth rehabilitations, restore over 80+ implants, restore 40 fixed prosthesis, 30+ removable prosthesis, obtain certifications from BPS Switzerland® and Nobel Biocare®. Our department is the only training centre for BPS dentures that has great potential in clinical consultations. Over 200 full mouth cases are treated every years a volume not seen in any academic training institute in the world. Our focus of training is clinical prosthodontics and so the students have a liberty to off load laboratory procedures to the technician posted to them. Learn More

Course fee: 15,00,000/ year

Stipend: Rs.25,000/ month

Inclusions (no additional charge): BPS Kit + BPS materials (5 Lakhs), Nobel Biocare + Straumann implants (4.5 lakhs).


5. MDS Paediatric Dentistry

In this 3 year DCI approved program, students receive extensive training in GA cases. Each students will treat at-least 50 patients under general anaesthesia. This is the only department in India where patient upto 18 year are treated. This provides extensive exposure in traumatic injury management. Each graduate will perform atlas 4000 procedures which is higher than any where else in India. Learn More

Course Fee: Rs. 15,00,000/ year

Stipend: Rs.25,000/ month


6. MDS Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine and radiology is a dual speciality in dentistry. It is a three year DCI recognised program. Students are trained equally well in both the components of the speciality. They get to see a variety of cases in Oral Medicine and are exposed to treat patients who are medically compromised. Many a times they are the specialist who identify systemic diseases in patients through their oral changes. This is only dental college with an exclusive radiotherapy unit. Hence the students gets their hands on treating Oral Cancer patients. The students also get trained in Special Care Dentistry where they treat patients with special needs which enhances their hand work in dentistry. This training in Special Care Dentistry is awarded as a Fellowship (FDS) in Special Care Dentistry along with their Master degree. Learn More

Course Fee: Rs. 8,00,000/year

Stipend: Rs.16,000/ month


7. MDS Periodontics

Students in this 3 year full time DCI approved program will gain an opportunity to perform 600 surgeries. This provided a fitness in skill training unlike any other program in the country. Learn More

Course Fee: Rs.10,00,000 / year 

Stipend: Rs.25,000/ month

Inclusions (no additional charge): 16Nobel Biocare + Straumann implants (2.5 lakhs).


8. MDS Public Health Dentistry

Students in this 3 year program manage holistic care of geriatric patients and also conduct camps every other day. They are also posted in externships in government offices to participate in health panning. This is a unique platform offered by our department to improve the social skills of our graduates.Learn More 

Course Fee: Rs 4,00,000/ year

Stipend: Nil


9. MDS Oral Pathology

Students who joins this 3 year full time DCI approved program will get extensive training in our NABL Accredited lab. The program also includes an interdisciplinary course with the law faculty in Forensic Odontology and fellowship in cytology in association with medical faculty.Learn More

Course Fee: Rs 3,00,000/ year

Stipend: Nil