Saveetha Dental College also offers part-time advanced dental specialist courses tailor made of busy practitioners interested in honing their clinical skills. Participant will recieve a certification in ADS (Advanced Dental Specialist) on completion of their respective programs. 

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ADS Implantology

This is a 6 months part time speciality training program conducted in 4 modules. In the first Module the participants will understand the basics of implantology and plan treatment for  all the patients assigned to them. In the second module, the participants will be trained with a 1-to-1 mentor to place all the implants.  The course will reconvene after a healing period of 4 months. During module 3, The healing abutments will be removed and impressions will be made. In the final 4th module, cementation of the final prosthesis and review will be completed by the participants. The participant will receive a certification from the institution and will be qualified and confident to practice basic Dental Implantology. 

Course Duration: 6-8 months

Course Fee: 1,50,000

No: of Implants/patients: 5


ADS Aesthetic Dentistry

In this 6 Months part-time program, students will train and perform a plethora or aesthetic procedures from laminate veneers to periodontal aesthetic surgeries. THe course will be conducted in an exclusive department with super-speciality referrals. Feel free to call us on additional course details.

Course Duration: 6 months

Course Fee: 1,50,000 

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