Quality Measures at Saveetha Dental College

Quality is something which we never compromise.

Right from the cleanliness of the floor to the sterilisation of equipments everything has a protocol and verification. We do have a team of staffs who exclusively work on this aspect and are monitored stringently.



Saveetha Dental College received A Grade from the NAAC. The process lead to tremendous improvements in our systems that have streamlined all learning and research process within the institution. When compared by the date from these reports, its clear that Saveetha stands tall among all institution with more research, academics and students services and quality learning processes.  


IQAC 2016

The College has an IQAC with a proper multidisciplinary council. IQAC meets every three months to make sure all quality processes are sustainable and well maintained over time. Periodic monitoring of academics, administrations, research, students affairs, international affairs, clinics, patient care ensure a better quality int he learning process of the i


ISO 2016 

We have been ISO 9001 certified for over 15 years. This has improved our quality process for more than a decade. Recently we got re-certified for ISO 2016 BVQI. Our faculty have been trained in advanced quality processes that has ensured expertise from within. they have become certified inspectors for many other companies and institutions.