The STAR ( Saveetha Transdisciplinary Annual Research) Summit

Research with a mind for the future direction towards diagnosis and therapeutics forms a pivot for the evolution and enhancement of the health care front. Synchronizing with this thought, Saveetha Dental College has embarked on a research platform which is the first of its kind amongst any educational institution in India. Our UG curriculum is designed and tailored so as to motivate the budding scholars of our institution to re-search with endurance and perseverance. A systematic protocol with regular documentation and monitoring enables the student to achieve their target. Saveetha Transdisciplinary Annual Research Summit (STAR Summit) has evolved as an arena to present the elaborate research work done by the young minds. 

STAR Summit 2015

The first of its kind, this academic deliberation spanned over a period of 12 days from the 29th of June to 11th of July 2015 and comprised of research work across all disciplines of dentistry including basic medical sciences. The event was inaugurated by  Dr. S. P. Thiagarajan, Dean Research, Sri Ramachandra University. His talk made a mention of the works of many Indian Nobel Laureates who have made a significant contribution to the research world. He had also made a mention on the need of Research on global level and stressed the students for pursuing Research to make a significant contribution to the building of the nation.

PG STAR Summit

Every post graduate student does 5 short term research projects in addition to their main dissertation. These trans disciplinary innovative projects are approved, monitored by the Scientific Review Board. The STAR Summit is a platform that every student gets to showcase his or her research. This work is assessed by the judges who are the experts in their speciality and by peer judges from other institutions. 

The first Postgraduate STAR Summit was inaugurated along with the 10th International Basic medical Sciences Conference on the 9th of January 2016. 

What is special about the PG STAR Summit?

Array of more than 300 Posters per day reflecting the untiring efforts of the post graduates. 

Short Term Projects in various fields namely

  • Material Science Project
  • Diagnostic Assay
  • Interdisciplinary Project
  • KAP Survey
  • Cochrane/ Systematic Review
  • Animal Research Project
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Patent
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Main Dissertation Reviews
  • Cellular/ Molecular Biology Project
  • Innovative Techniques
  • Decision Analysis Review

Critical Appraisal of the Research Projects by eminent judges from each speciality and by peer judges.


The first Postgraduate STAR Summit was inaugurated along with the 10th International Basic medical Sciences Conference on the 9th of January 2016. 

Eminent Guest of Honours

The 12 days of the STAR Summit were made more colourful by eminent Guest of Honours from various specialities. Our Guests of Honours were

Dr.Ramesh Goyal, Former Vice Chancellor, M.S.University of Baroda,Executive Advisor Research, VClinBio, Sri Ramachandra University

Dr.Dwarakanath,Scientist,Department of Nuclear Science

Dr.Thangaraju Pro-Vice Chancellor, SRM University, Dr.Radhi Lawrence,Chief Pathologist ,HiTech Labs

Dr.Rama Rajaram ,Chief Scientist, CLRI

Dr.Vaidehi, Professor, Madras Institute of Technology

Dr.Shankar Shrinivasan, AB, FACP,Apollo Speciality hospitals

Dr.Jatin Vimal President Biotech Unit and Synthetic R&D

 Dr. Arvind Krishmoorthy, Adyar Cancer Institute

Dr. Vijayalakshmi, Adyar Cancer Institute

Dr. Kandaswamy, Dean SRMC

Dr. G.Ilavazhagan

Array of Poster Presentations

The UG STAR summit had an immense academic grandeur with an array of more than 860 posters evaluated by 79 judges and 236 peer judges.

“Rejuvenating experience,great to see young students enthusiasm.”
“Inculcating research mentality in young minds is a laudable endeavour. Going around the area where results of the research are exhibited i could feel the enthusiasm among the budding dentists at the pre-clinical level when these students have their zest for knowledge kindled and enhanced by the teaching faculty there is no doubt that they will develop into hardworking research scholars in future.”
— Judges