In association with 39th ISPPD Conference- Pedosphere held in Chennai, Department of Pedodontics,Saveetha Dental College waselected to conduct a pre- conference course on “Full Mouth Rehabilitation under General Anaesthesia(GA)” by Dr.Deepa Gurunathan and Dr. Navaneetha Krishnan.  Twenty one delegates from across the country actively participated in the first ever hands on workshop on full mouth rehabilitation under general anaesthesia. Thenumber of participants was limited to just over 20 so as to have zenith contemplationand practical experience which was greatly appreciated by the participants. Interactive lectures were delivered by the team covering the various aspects including need for general anaesthesia,anaesthetic procedures and their complications. A simulation of the Saveetha Dental College’s operation theatre complex and the protocol to be followedwas shown to the delegates via a video before entering the theatre,which made them to feel at ease. Four children were taken up for full mouth rehabilitation under general anaesthesia on a single day .Theattendees were divided into 4 small groups to have the best hands on training in the procedures. At the end of the course,all delegates irrespective of their seniority and their previous experience were overwhelminglysatisfied with the clinical knowledge and confidence gained in the pre conference course to treat children under GA .In addition this course has been rated as the best preconfernce course of the 39 th ISPPD conference

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