The theme of the meeting was -Throwback Thursday!! The edify highlighted the events and progress of the department from October 2016-March 2017.

Prior to the meeting the edify awards were distributed. The workaholic and punctuality awards were won byDr.Sheeja and the best clinical teaching award was won by Dr.Kaarthikeyan.

     The OP statistics for the undergraduate and postgraduateclinics were presented. The co curricular activities of the department was also put forth. The highlights were the innovative teaching videos done under the topics “Periodontal regeneration” using an animation software “Maya” and the other one on “ Papillon-Lefevre syndrome” .

    Innovations in the postgraduate clinical training included a video showing the design and usage of 3 new instruments , namely the modified Periotemp probe, tissue holding forceps and a flap holding forceps. The edify meeting progressed withavideo recap of all the CDE programs and conferences (National and International) organized and participated by the staff and students of the department. The Oral hygiene day celebrations of the department was also shown in a video footage. The edify was concluded on a lighter note with a video describing the iBookexperience of faculty.  

    The edify presentation as well received by our Director of Academics , Dr.Deepak Nallswamy and other faculty. Deepak sir also mentioned that it was the best edify so far. 

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