Yoga  is a physical,mental and spiritual practice attributed to humankind.   International yoga day was celebrated in Saveetha Dental College on 21st June 2017. Students and faculty participated with great enthusiasm. We witnessed the passion among students towards yoga. 

Dr.N.D.Jayakumar, Dean, Saveetha Dental College presided over the function. In his welcome speech, he pointed out the importance of yoga in human life and how it enriches human values as applied to education. Dr.Sri Sakthi, Faculty, Dept. of Public Health Dentistry being the moderator for the debates served excellently and delivered some practical yoga techniques for students.

A English debate on “Yoga centres – Boon or Bane?” was being organized for students. Students presented their views on selection of yoga centres, their location, facilities provided, economic components, compared the current trend of yoga with ancient practices etc. They also quoted references from Thirumoolar. The concept of physical health, a base for further human development as explained by the students was admiring.

Tamil debate on “தற்கால சூழ்நிலையில் யோக பயிற்சி சாத்தியமா?, students expressed their views on modern life. The need to leave home at early hours to meet daily chores, office work has an impact on sparing time for yoga. The meaning of “Yoga – In Unison”, as explained by one of the students was exemplary. 

List of Student Participants for the Debate