Edify by oral oncology kicked off by high lighting the humble contribution of oncology department in the avenues of academics and social activities. 

In academics we showcased the staff and students ( both in fellowship program and PhD) enrolled in the programs and also our contribution in terms of the number of papers presented in conferences both  nationally and in the international arena. Our National presentation by one of the post graduates was a case operated by us on a rare form of carcinoma which incidentally won an award in the best paper category in the state AOMSI conference. With respect to international conferences we presented two posters in the International Academy of Oral Oncology conference 2017. 

Regarding our social activity , we gave a live interview in captain TV on dental care and oral cancer and educated the public on importance of maintaining oral health and the dangers of habits like smoking and chewing tobacco. 

We also highlighted the increase in the number of major ablative surgery we have been performingover the last 2 years which was demonstrated by a graph and time line.

The session of edify concluded by giving the audience an overview of the challenges we face in the department with respect to patient complications and recurrences.