Alumni of 1992 batch  celebrated their reunion on 16th Jul 2017 at Saveetha Dental College. It also, marks the Silver Jubilee Celebration of 1992 batch.

Dr.N.M.Veeraiyan, Founder-Chancellor, Saveetha University, presided over the function.  

    The alumni expressed their gratitude to their teachers by felicitating them. They shared their golden memories in the institution. The teachers felt over-whelmed and enjoyed the function. The teachers also expressed their memories of interaction with 1992 batch. Alumni belonging to various batches shared their evergreen moments with 1992 Batch.

    The function reached the melting point when the representatives from each batch emotionally expressed their lifestyle and relationship with the institution during their study period.

 Their heart skipped a beat, when they witnessed the infra-structure facilities existing currently in our institution. 

   They proudly announced their contribution of various study models by the way of museum worth more than a lakh. Also, they expressed their environmental consciousness by planting 100 saplings in the campus of the Institution.

   Not only, their physical bodies got refreshed but also their inner being refreshed so much after visiting their “Temple of Learning”.