Dr Abarajithan Mohan , Dentsply speaker, has conducted a lecture and workshop on 3D Endodontics - Miss no details, on 21st January 2019.A reasonable and prudent clinician must keep current with available advances that are generally accepted and embraced by the Endodontist through research and evidence. Microsurgical endodontics is an example of improved endodontic technology. Use of magnifying loupes or similar devices may prove inadequate for apical surgery, accessing difficult canals while preserving tooth structure or fractured instrument retrieval, when compared with microscopes. It is incumbent upon the clinician to adopt proven technologies that improve the quality of endodontic care rendered and meet current accepted standard. The aim of this  clinical lecture and hands on program was to highlight the importance of looking into finer details in every step of clinical endodontics to improve the overall treatment outcome.

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