Every year, World Environment Day falls on June 5, and has done since its inaugural year in 1974. Established by the United Nations Assembly in 1972 – on day one of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment – it was conceived to raise awareness of environmental issues of all kinds, from marine pollution to overpopulation and, of course, global warming.

    The theme this year is 'Beat Plastic Pollution'. Indeed, plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing our planet today. It has been estimated one million plastic bottles were bought every minute, and 13 million tonnes of the stuff finding its way into our oceans each year. This year's campaign calls for people around the world to encourage everyone everywhere to start making simple lifestyle changes to cut plastic out of everyday use for good.

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    As an initiative to create awareness regarding importance of environment, Department of Public Health Dentistry,Saveetha dental college has organized an awareness talk at Government girls high school, Ashok Nagar. The talk focuses on environmental pollution Men had created and easy ways to reduce the burden. The talk also throw light on plastic pollution targeting mainly on Beating plastic use and also suggesting good alternatives.

    As a part of health promotion strategy, as a measure of reinforcement, logos about preserving environment were painted on the walls of Schools. This measure will have a profound effect on the students and will mould them as good environmentalists in future. Really, it couldn't be easier to "BeatPlasticPollution"; it needs the whole effort from each and every individual.