Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics conducted a guest lecture on “Bringing

Innovation and New Ideas To Painless Dentistry “; presented by Dr. V. Sri Prakash, Orthodontistand Oral Implantologist on 26.10.18 at Watson and Crick Hall, Saveetha Dental College.

Platelets play a critical role in haemostasis and healing process as they are a rich source of

growth factors. Several techniques have been used to collect platelet concentrate. CGF technique

is one of the most effective and simple to prepare, 1-step preparation of a fibrin matrix that is

larger, denser and richer in Growth factors. It is autologous, upgraded version of PRF and

boosted Growth Factors and CD34+ cells. CGF in regenerative surgery should therefore be

considered as a multifactorial stimulation system. The lecture highlighted on the versatility and

multiplicity of its application, which makes it stand out from other techniques proposed so far.

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