The New Cycle of Edify was started on 29th March 2019 and the presenting department was the Department of Anatomy.


Dr. M.Karthik Ganesh, Senior Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, addressed and greeted the gathering for the first session of the new cycle of Edify on behalf of the Faculty members of the Department. He explained about the new theme of this version of Edify which was on “Best Class Activity”. He also correlated the activity based learning with a saying “Listening is better than Learning, Observing is better than Listening, Doing is better than Observing”. Then the video was played for watching. The video demonstrated the Paper and Clay Modeling to be the best class activity of the Department. One of the toughest topics in Head & Neck Anatomy for BDS students is the Larynx. The video showed the class activity for Larynx using paper craft modeling, where the students actively involved in making the paper craft model of the various cartilages of Larynx. The video also described even a slow learner can understand a tough topic using such paper craft models.

After this, the clay modeling activity on the layers of Scalp was shown. This part of the video depicted the structural arrangement of the different layers of the scalp using various coloured origami papers and clay for each layer. A piece meal of the layers of scalp was made and it was explained by the students as a live discussion between individuals in a group of students. Finally the video concluded with the feedback from the students on the significance of class activity.

After the completion of the video, the Director of Academics, Dr. Deepak Nallaswamy commented that the video is good and suggested to have uniformity in the audio aspect of the video while editing. Then the link for Edify Scoring was sent to the gathered faculty members. Out of 101 responses the Department of Anatomy got 830 points. Then the Director congratulated the staffs of the Department on getting better score for their video.