The Department of Periodontics presented their Edify video on 12.9.2019 on the concept of innovative teaching. Game play activities like Decode, 3D activity (Describe, Depict, Discover), Perio connections and Odd man out were conducted. The Decode activity was carried out to reinforce the important abbreviations and terminologies in chapters like immunology. An abbreviated term and a related picture was displayed. The students were asked to expand the term with the help of the displayed picture. In the 3D activity, the students were divided into groups. One student from each group was asked to describe a term given and the other members had to guess the term. If they failed to do so, the student then had to draw or enact the term and the other members had to discover it. In the perio connections activity, a photo or two were displayed along with one or two letters from the answer. The students had to make up the answer with the help of the photos displayed. In the odd man out activity the students were divided into groups. Students of each group had to write some true statements about a particular topic and one false statement. The students from the other group had to spot the odd or the false statement and give the reason for it. On the whole, these activities helped the students to retain whatever is taught for a longer period, increased their curiosity to know and learn more about certain terms and enhanced the critical thinking skills of students.