Department of oral Medicine and Radiology presented our edify on 18/7/2019 on ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING. Our Students had done 4 activities namely Mosaic Tiles, DIY –XRAYS, Pearls of Wisdom, Connexions

Mosaic Tiles activity helped the students for easy understanding of Pulp and periapical Diseases. There were three coloured tiles red, grey, green representing clinical examination, radiographic findings and diagnosis respectively. It helped students remembered the pattern of the disease better

DIY-XRAYS (Do It Yourself) activity helped the students to learn the radiographic diagnosis depending on radiographic appearances. Students have to choose property based on the radiographic appearances  and make characteristic radiographic pattern and give radiodiagnosis.

In Pearls of Wisdom activity, colored clay balls were used. Black-Neutrons, Red-Electrons, Blue-Protons were used for better understanding of concepts of atomic number, atomic mass number, Isotopes and atomic structure of an atom.

Connexions activity was based on the connections between oral manifestation of systemic diseases–Series of pictures of clinical features are shown, student has to identify the disease using these clues, helped the students to retain the characteristic clinical features of particular disease enabling them to diagnose disease in a better way.These activities helped the students to have a self directed Learning experience.

Dr. Jayanth Kumar V received the workaholic award. The edify was well received and they got an average score of 8.3.