On the eve of 27 th October 2018, it was raining awards in Saveetha Dental College.

Insignia 2018 an extravagant event, recognized and rewarded the efforts of students and staffs

for the year 2017-18. The event was graced by the presence of esteemed chief guests Dr. Sai

Kumar, Dr. Elanchezhiyan Manickan, Dr. K. Vivekananda Subrmania Nathan, Dr.H.Devaraj,

Dr.Jayakara SM and Dr. P.S.Thaha.

The evening began with the lighting of the kuthuvillaku by the chief guests which was

followed by the award ceremony and cultural events by the students. Dental technicians, Dental

mechanics, BDS students, MDS students ,Teaching and Non teaching staffs were rewarded

based on various criterias.

The dental technicians and mechanics were awarded for their excellence in academics

and clinical work. Naresh Kumar S (1 st year dental technician) won the 1 st place in both the

categories. Among the dental mechanics Kathiravan K (1 st year), Ajith K , Lokeshwari L(2 nd yr)

and Jeeva (3 rd year) bagged the first place in academics. In the clinical category, the 1 st place was

won by Ravi(1 st year), Balaji (2 nd year) and Chikkandar (3 rd year).

The chief guest for first year BDS awards was Dr P Sai Kumar, Dean of Sree Balaji

Medical College. The awards were given for the subjects Anatomy, Dental Anatomy,

Physiology, Biochemistry, Forensic Odontology and Behavioural Science. The students with

most number of publications were given awards along with the oral all toppers. Shamaa

Anjum.A , Thaslima Nandhini .J, Yuvashree C S were the stars of the ceremony as they bagged

awards in almost all the categories. 6 students from the first year were given the research topper

award for 4 publications in scopus indexed journals.

Dr.Elanchezhiyan Manickam awarded the IInd BDS students for their acheivements in 8

academic subjects and research publications. The overall toppers were Praniti.T, Keerthiga

Nagarajan, Keshaav Krishnaa.P, Trinina Somas Kandhan and Cinthura.C. Keshaav Krishnaa.P

also baggaed the research topper award with 4 publications in indexed journals.

The third year BDS students received the awards from the hands of Dr. K. Vivekananda

Subramanian Nathan. The students were awarded for the subjects General Medicine, General

Surgery, Oral Pathology and additional subjects, Medical Emergencies, Imageology and Practice

Management. Vaishali. S received a total of 7 awards, including the Overall Topper. In the

Clinical Awards Category, the maximum number of awards was bagged by Ahmed Hilal Sheriff

K. Sarveshkumar. J won the Research Topper awarded . The other overall Toppers included

Aniruddh Menon, Subashri A, Kalyani P and Kiruthika P.

Dr.H. Devaraj awarded the Final BDS students for their performance in 10 academic

subjects, clinicals and research publications. The overall toppers were Mokshi.R.Jain, Harsha. L,

Renuka.S, Khushali.K.Shah and Prema Sivakumar. The research topper was Hemani.K with 4

publications in scopus indexed journals.

The hardwork of the Interns was recognised with the clinical award for the maximum

number of prcedures. It was handed over by Dr. Jayakara.SM. Chandini Ravikumar for Oral

medicine and Oral surgery, Harini NS for Public Health Dentistry and Periodontics,

Bharaadwaj.B for conservative dentistry, Balaji.R for Prosthodontics, Muthu Laakshmi.G for

pedodontiics and Priyangaa A/P Sathasivam for Orthodontics were awarded. The best intern of

the year award was given to Dr.Harini NS. The research Topper award was given to Devishree

with 6 publications.

Dr. Jayakara.SM also handed over the awards to the postgraduates based on maximum

procedures done in the year 2017-2018 in their representative departments. Jayapriya.R for Oral

Medicine, Janani K for Oral Surgery, E.Maheshwari for Public Health Dentistry, Arun Kumar

for Conservative Dentistry, Sneha Ketan Gada for Prosthodontics, Priyanka for Periodontics,

Veerale Dinesh Panchal for Pedodontics, Arya.S.Prasad for Orthdontics and Rahul Mohandas for

Oral Pathology bagged the awards. Pravinya.S won the best researcher award for 6 publications

and among the 2nd year Postgraduates, Janani K,Vaishnavi and M.Keerthana bagged the award

with 5 publications.

Clinic 2 won the best clinic award for their robust 39,931 procedures and for treating

16,979 patients. The Departments with the highest academic scores were Oral Surgery and

Microbiology. The departments with highest Batch average Prosthodontics and Biochemistry.

The Academic award for highest number of distinctions was bagged by the department of

.Among the faculty, Dr.Vishnu Priya was awarded the Best Faculty with the highest CAFE

Score.  The Best Research Department was won by Prosthdontics. The Overall Best department

awards was won by the Departments of Biochemistry and Prosthodontics.