Alumini meet of batch 1994 was held on 18th August 2019. This was a special day to them as it was this very same date in 1994 that all of them met each other for the first time. This meet included dedication of all the staff including tutors of their time. The main stage dignitaries were Dr NM veeraiyan, Dr rajagopal, Dr Deepak nallasamy, Dr ND Jayakumar. Dr rajagopal's son Dr ilaya ramanan rajagopal is a part of this batch. The meeting was attended by 288 participants including 50 members from the 1994 batch. During the meeting all staff and students who left for God’s abode were remembered. Each one were spoken fondly and in depth. The staff individually were felicitated by a batch member. It concluded with a juggler act and a sumptuous lunch.