The Edify Session of the Department of Anatomy was showcased on 10 th January 2019. Dr. M. Karthik Ganesh, Senior Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, addressed and welcomed the gathering for the first Edify of the New Year 2019 on behalf of the Department. First he described “Transformative Learning” the theme of this Edify Cycle. He also explained briefly about their video content that, the video demonstrates on the various strategies used by the staffs to improvise the learning ability of all the students especially the slow learners and in turn how the students developed their capability in understanding the subject and how they transformed into better learners. Then he played the video. The video shortly explained about the uniqueness, importance and challenges in learning Anatomy and also demonstrated the measures to overcome it. The video also described the various types of student learning and categorized the students into Kinesthetic, Visual, Auditory and Read/Write learners based on the learning and understanding ability of the students. For slow-learners the learning method insisted by the staffs was on kinesthetic method of learning in which learning takes place by the students carrying out various physical activities, rather than studying from the text book or listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. Then the video had various feedbacks from slow learners of first year, second year, third year, fourth year and Internship students of BDS. They shared their experiences that how they struggled at the beginning in understanding the Anatomy subject and after the teachers guidance, how they adopted the learning strategies to improve their studying skills in their first year tenure of BDS course. After the end of the video the Director of Academics, Dr. Deepak Nallaswamy commented that the video appeared as an interview series rather than a complete transformation of a student. He advised to focus more on single slow learning student at the beginning and after training how the student getting transformed into a better learning student in all capabilities. He also mentioned the student feedback videos were “candid”.