Department of pharmacology has presented the Edify season 6 on transformational changes in learning process on 17 th January 2019. Pharmacology is an inevitable and overwhelming subject in dental curriculum but students in second year beginning find it very difficult to learn the drug classification, actions, interactions and the various indications as so many new drugs are introduced so often because of the enormous growth in research and development in this field. To make a novice into a fully equipped and highly competent dental practitioner in future, rational thinking and knowledge of drugs are mandatory for prescribing drugs for oral conditions.  Hence, Pharmacology department has an active role to give updated knowledge about the currently used drugs and the dosage forms. The department   staff take enough care of the students by knowing their personal difficulty in learning process and modulating them to learn and recollect the subject with the help of various activities such as phonological loop(mnemonics),Know how-show how, Context learning and the same was presented in this edify.