During the 6th Edition of Edify, we the department of Oral Medicine and Radiology shared our initiative and approach in Transformative Learning. We identified a student who lacked in self confidence, motivation, memory power and hence we chose him to bring about his journey of transformation. The initial step which we took forward was a Counselling session with our senior faculty members to identify his strength and weakness. We developed new ideas and approaches to critically engage him in activity based learning using scrabble words, picture puzzles and pnemonics that increased his focus, attention and memory retention. Counselling and activities in turn triggered him to frame his own pnemonics to remember and recollect,  overcoming his lack of memory power.He was also self motivated and interested to share his ideas with his fellow mates. We also encouraged him to do short term research projects. Wherein , he himself came up with a research topic.  He presented 2 posters in Star summit and also won best poster award in his session.  As a department we are very happy to see his transformation from a boy who lacked self confidence, into a person who could defend himself for his own research to  the judges and also received their appreciation.

Thus our journey continues with the motto……

“Learning That Changes Lives”