The department of periodontics was honoured to host Dr. Professor Thomas Kocher , Head of the department of Periodontology, University of Greiswald, a 100 year old state run dental school in  Germany.  He is also part of the Word Workshop( Periodontics) II on classification of periodontal diseases and conditions. He is an ardent researcher with a credit of 250 publications.He has been practising for the last 3 decades and has seen a plethora of cases which were managed  comprehensively. The students and faculties were fortunate to have an active discussion  about the treatment plan for each of the challenging cases he put before us. A long term follow up of the patients with clinical and radiographic picture was presented to the audience which emphasised the  importance of  treating the periodontal disease and saving the  strategic teeth.Later results from the literature  were also showcased and he summed up with a decision making table  for retaining or extracting the periodontally mutilated teeth.