The department of Public Health Dentistry showcased its 6th edition of Edify on Activity Based Learning on 22nd of August. Public health dentistry in its true sense mainly focuses on promoting community oral health through evidence-based practice and primary health care approach. Students as part of field activity were given first-hand experience as how a primary health center functions, which is the work horse of health care delivery in India. Further, they also learnt hands on training on one of the basic packages of oral care- Alternative Restorative Treatment. Lastly, the history of fluoride was made easy as students prepared a road map in reality to reinforce relevant dates and events. The audience awarded a cumulative score of 7.7 for our presentation. Worthy of mention, both workaholic and punctuality award were awarded to our head, Dr. Meignana Arumgham I. by our director Dr. Deepak Nallasamy and our Dean. Dr. Sheeja Varghese.