Department of Microbiology observed the World AIDS day on 1 ST of December 2018in the Saveetha Dental College and Hospital premises with the theme “Know your HIVstatus”. The department organized an awareness campaign emphasizing the importance ofknowing one’s status and calling for the removal of all barriers to accessing HIV testing among the faculties, visiting patients and technical staff. Banners and posters were displayed at various places in the college exhibiting the theme for the year 2018 in preventing control of HIV and AIDS. To symbolize the motto and to create awareness, red ribbon were given to all students.


The department arranged a guest lecture on “HIV and Dentistry” by Dr. Dr.R.Rajan, Ph.d, a researcher on HIV and AIDS and Associate professor, department of microbiology, Mohamed sathak college of arts and science. The lecture is aimed at creating awareness among the dental students on clinical presentation of HIV and AIDS in the oral cavity that will greatly reduce the occupational risk and cross infection. The lecture was well attended by students.