World DNA day – April 25 th 2019

Biomedical research unit and laboratory animal centre – Dental research cell celebrated the World DNA day on the 25 th of April 2019. The goal of programme was to commemorate the incredible discovery of the century the “DNA molecule” by Watson and Crick. The postgraduate students from various specialities participated in the Hands-on workshop on the topic “Genomics and Precision Medicine”. They were introduced to the animal experimentation facilities by Dr.M.Karthik Ganesh and Cell culture-Molecular biology facilities by Dr.A.Paramasivam. There was a guest lecture on “Pedigree analysis, Human genetic variations and Pharmacogenetics” delivered by Dr.J.Vijayashree, following which Dr.S.Durairaj briefed about his thrust area on “MicroRNAs”. Dr.D.Ezhilarasan explained about his thrust area on Cancer Biology, Pharmacology and Toxicology. He thanked all the students for their enthusiastic response and support during the programme.

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