It was immense pleasure to have Dr. Moataz Alkhawas, Asssociate professor of Endodontics, AlAzhar University, Cairo, Egypt for an intensive 30 hour contact programme in ‘Advanced Endodontics’ which has broadened the knowledge about day to day endodontic procedures to a great extent. Starting with diagnosis, detection of aberrant canal morphology to implementing an effective treatment regimen, every aspect was covered in great detail with emphasis on recent advances. All the steps were well supplemented with relevant case reports which helped the students to co-relate it clinically. Many clinical tips were shared during the course which would benefit the students during regular endodontic procedures. The live demonstration with strict clinical protocol being followed was of great help to the students. On the final day of the programme, the candidates were clinically supervised by Dr. Moataz himself for various clinical procedures who were guided meticulously by him. In totality, it was definitely an interactive and enriching training programme which has improved the knowledge of the students manifold regarding routine endodontic procedures.