The hands on workshop started with the guest lecture delivered by Dr.J.Vijayashree Priyadharsini on “Molecular detection of endodontic pathogens”. The lecture focused on methods which can be used for pathogen identification using 16s RNA typing and quantification using real time quantitative PCR. The training session was conducted by Dr.A.Paramasivam. Dr.Vijayashree, demonstrated the isolation of genomic DNA from bacteria. This was followed by in vitro amplification of gene of interest using conventional PCR, where the students were taught to perform PCR reaction on their own. The amplicons were further electrophoresed using agarose gel electrophoresis technique and the results were visualised on a UV transilluminator system. Quantification of the gene of interest was also performed using real time quantitative PCR. Students were enthusiastic and interacted well with the researchers. Dr.R.Sandhya, Reader, Department of Endodontics, Dr.A.Padmaraj, Veterinarian, BRULAC and Dr.Durairaj.S participated in the workshop.