We the department of Public health dentistry at saveetha dental college has organised a certificate course on redefining dental public health for future from 10th -14th June 2019. We had a international speaker from South Africa working as associate professor in University of UKZN and talked about oral health inequality, oral health information systems, international health care delivery, redefining manpower in health care delivery, health policy in globalising the world, oral health policy framing, code of ethics and finally panel discussion on students  challenges related to ethics and research.  We also had speakers Dr. Rajkumar, reader, dept. of Public health dentistry at SRIHER university, who talked about past present and future of DPH. Dr. Prabhu also a reader, dept. of Public health dentistry atAsan Memorial Dental College gave a lecture on scope of DPH in India and at the global level. The program was a grand success and we than all those who helped us in organising and conducting this credit course.