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Associate Dean of International affairs visited Hisar -Haryana agricultural university for an international Symposium cum Discussion on Collaborations with various international University  on 3rd and 4th December 2017.

Michigan State university .Prof Dr Karim Merdia, University of Illinois Prof Dr .Vijay Singh and Prof Dr Kent D Rausch , Washington state university Prof.Dr Kulvinder gill and Research Scientist Dr Krishna Kumar Sugumaran from Kuwait institute of Scientific research were present in the MoU and student exchange programme discussion .

The honourable Vice chancellor of Hisar Haryana Agricultural university and Prof .Dr.Samunder Singh , Dean International affairs gave a warm welcome for the interactive sessions and particularly for the collaboration with international and national university at the symposium .

On this occasion Saveetha Dental and engineering college inked an MoU with Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research for various scientific collaboration on December 4th 2017 .