Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics conducted a guest lecture on “Operative/ Endodontic Considerations in Orthodontics with a note on Adjunctive Orthodontics” on 27.9.19 presented by Dr. Mohamed Iqbal, Senior Assistant Professor, Tamilnadu Government Dental College, Chennai. The goal of any branch of dentistry is to attain a functional occlusion. Orthodontics achieves this goal by correcting malocclusions to optimal occlusion. Over the last decade an increasing number of adults are orthodontic care seekers. Refinements in force application and surgical techniques have made it possible to provide orthodontic treatment to this section. However in adults there is an inevitable degradation in the dentition, at least in most of the cases. This makes interdisciplinary treatment, involving periodontal care, operative/endodontic care and prosthodontic care, a key clinical paradigm. This lecture primarily focused on the fundamental aspects of operative/ endodontic considerations in orthodontics. Followed by a note on adjunctive orthodontics.

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