The research wing of Saveetha dental College - Biomedical Research Unit and Laboratory Animal Centre - Dental Research Cell, organised a one day workshop on “SNiP: the vital acronym defining human genetic variations”. Single nucleotide polymorphisms, the SNPs or SNiPs are the most common form of genetic variations which determines an individual’s susceptibility or resistance to a particular disease condition. In addition, the genetic variations also play a vital role in influencing the drug response, with a profound effect on pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. The goal of the workshop was to address the importance of these genetic variations and their association with various disease conditions. About 50 students and faculty members from different institutions such as Madras Medical College, Tamil Nadu Government Dental College, Sri Balaji Dental College, Adiparasakthi dental college, Sri Ramachandra, Madha, Meenakshi and Ragas dental college participated in the workshop. The workshop started with a lecture delivered by Dr.J.Vijayashree Priyadharsini on “Human Genetic variations and its applications in clinical research”. The participants were divided into two batches to proceed with the hands on training session. Dr.A.Paramasivam and Dr.J.Vijayashree demonstrated the methods of genomic DNA isolation from blood sample, PCR and RFLP-genotyping procedures. Students were allowed to process the samples independently and each one of them was given special attention during the procedures. They were very interactive and enthusiastic while performing the molecular techniques. The results of the procedure and interpretation of results was also discussed. The staff members and students were excited to know about the applications and recent advancements in Human Genetics. The programme turned out to be grand success with lots of positive feedbacks from the students and staff members.