Transformational learning is construed as deep constructive meaningful learning leading to critical ways in which learners consciously make meaning of their lives in order to produce a fundamental change in our world view and therefore true emancipation. The cardinal goal of transformational learning  is to make our own interpretations, in short to achieve ‘Autonomous thinking’.Transformative teaching therefore is to facilitate the student to think on their own. To make the students capable of functioning efficiently in this competitive world.

Two videos were depicted, One showing Dr.Valli Malar in her practice in Madurai and how she applies the training imparted in Oral Pathology department in her day to day clinical practice and how it helps her in her treatment algorithm.

The second video was on Sisira Padavala, emphasizing on her research experience, how she transformed from a student who had to be guided at every step during her research, to how she blossomed on her own, had her own ideas , which she executed and the results that she produced, mainly publishing her research work in pubmed and scopus indexed journal- Contemporary Clinical Dentistry thereby reiterating the theme.